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GEO20 Niche Tech Recruitment

Who we are

We are specialist consultants delivering outstanding candidates across mobile, web, backend, devops, ML and AI engineering. Our consultants have a deep understanding of their specialism and an excellent record of providing highly professional tech talent in the UK, Europe and USA.

What we do

We headhunt for niche tech talent in two different ways depending on your preference: either as Permanent or on a Contract basis.


Finding the best Tech talent is always a number one priority of the CEOs with the clients we support.

We work in the niche areas of Mobile, Software, DevOps, ML and AI, representing the best candidates and can react quickly and efficiently, faster than the other methods as we spend all our time consistently engaging best in class engineers.

Our consultants are provided best in class training via our “Train to Grain” programme and are encouraged to become market experts in their chosen field. We run podcast, attend seminars, and consume as much information as we can, so to provide an unrivalled service.


Our contract teams work across the same disciplines as our permanent teams, so we can ever increase the knowledge sharing and expertise.

Technology is very project based and our clients often desire a fast effective interim solution to their hiring needs. We can deliver fully compliant and vetted contractors across mobile, software, devops, ML and AI engineering.

Streamline your in-house tech recruiting, please call Ross at GEO20 Tech Recruitment on 020 7060 2020 or email.

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Ross is a unique person to deal with, he is different, sympathetic and understanding, as well as thorough, professional and trustworthy. He is, without doubt, highly knowledgeable. He helps, and gives you insight to understand the whole picture. He makes the difference. Really brilliant and open minded! I can't recommend him enough.

Davide Oretti - Head of Mobile Products

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Our candidates are specialists in the latest programming languages such as: