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David Baines

Principal Consultant, Mobile

My name is David Baines and I love my job, so I consider myself to be very lucky. I work with Mobile Engineers and partners across London and Europe. I have been recruiting for a number of years and have made great progress in that time building many strong relationships with both engineers and companies that I have partnered with.

Recruitment has been a rewarding experience as I have helped find solutions for companies and placed multiple mobile engineers into their perfect roles.

I enjoy hearing peoples' stories, finding out what makes them tick, talking with them about their prospects and giving back to the mobile community by sharing my insight, which I have gained from speaking to Hiring Managers and Mobile Engineers across the UK and Europe. I also run a podcast called MAD (Mobile App Development) which aims to inspire by hearing from people in tech and my guests share their stories within technology.

I am always striving to improve and would like to continue make new partnerships with companies and to provide solutions for both you and Mobile Engineers.

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The best recruiter I've ever worked with, and certainly the only one that really cares about your career. One time he contacted me for sharing some opportunities and after 20 minutes of talking, he highly recommended me to stay at my company to gain experience, rather than trying to convince me to get a new role in a different one, which btw would mean money for him! Always willing to help, to look for opportunities according to your preferences, to give any helpful piece of advice...

Raul Feliz Alonso