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Principal React Native Technical Lead

Principal React Native Technical Lead to deliver high-quality iOS & Android apps guiding the development team using Agile methods.

Responsible for architecting, building and coordinating with other teams to deliver high-quality apps. Must be a strong team player, with a commitment to perfection. 


  • Coordinate with in-house design/development teams, creating web applications that can be used on a range of platforms
  • Design and develop user interface components for JavaScript-based online and mobile apps utilising React Native
  • Problem troubleshooting including front-end performance improvement
  • Write code (JavaScript) that is reusable, effective and scalable, and construct interchangeable frontend modules
  • Build high quality apps on time and within budget, considering customer and stakeholder needs
  • Use additional JavaScript libraries e.g.: Redux to improve website and mobile app performance and make asynchronous API calls 

Capabilities: REWRITE

  • Over 10 years experience in building mobile apps, including 3+ years in React Native framework
  • Fluent in JavaScript and TypeScript including nuances ES6+ syntax
  • Experienced in state management frameworks e.g.: Redux and middleware integration options
  • Understanding the difficulties of Cross Platform development, including managing a single codebase, integration of native SDK, Plugin version management, and performance issue
  • Fluency with native tools for cross-platform development e.g.: Android Studio, XCode, etc 
  • Unit testing experience with Just or Mocha
  • Integration experience with various backend systems using SOAP/REST Web Services; familiar with session management on the client side for API integration
  • Can define app behaviour when Web Services fails/is unavailable and manage application behaviours like Security, Push Notification, Performance, etc.
  • Code instrumentation, tracing and performance test tools/ frameworks familiarity would be Advantageous 
  • Any experience in setting up Native Bridge would be an advantage

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