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Computer Vision & Machine Learning Expert

Calling all green-thumbed tech disruptors! We are looking for a Computer Vision and Machine learning Expert, to revolutionise agtech alongside A.I. Visionaries. This company is on a quest to reinvent farming by enabling indoor growers to unlock game-changing productivity through robots and data science. Envisage a future where urban crops flourish moving agriculture beyond the limits of sun and soil. We welcome those eager to get their hands dirty with the complexity of real-world growth.


  • Build computer vision models for plant detection and classification
  • Assemble a large training dataset for Computer Vision models
  • Be instrumental in developing, building and defining core components of the data and ML platforms

Skills Required:

  • 3-5 years hands-on experience with computer vision libraries (e.g: OpenCV, pytorch, Keras, scikit-image)
  • Familiarity with deep learning and computer vision models
  • Knowledge of image segmentation, classification, and depth estimation tasks
  • Understanding of with common AWS services, particularly S3 and Lambda

As the computer vision trailblazer, you will architect the critical data infrastructure enabling our farms to envision and control future harvests. Leveraging innovative concepts from silicon valleys around the world, you will develop A.I. to digitize, predict and nurture growth with microscope precision.

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